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Drive more sales with our effective lead management system

Lead Management System is a comprehensive module to handle complete lead management process. The module covers all major feature from lead capture to assignment to closure

Lead Automation & Lead Management System

Emails to Leads

Forward your leads to CRM Inbox and the software creates leads, assigns to user and send Email/SMS to customer.

Website to Leads

Capture website contact forms as emails, forward your leads to CRM Inbox and the software creates leads automatically.

Web Portals to Leads

Forward your portal leads to CRM, it will automatically map the lead information with CRM lead screen.

Lead Auto Assignment

Assign leads to sales team automatically based on lead source. The sales user will get Email/SMS on lead assignment.

Timeline View

View lead history with status and updates along with timeline.The timeline shows lead ageing issues.

Territory Management

CRM supports location & product based sales territories. User security based on territory rules can be applied to CRM.

Attach Documents

Attach documents related to lead or customer. Store all relevant marketing material in centralized location.

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads based on sales stages. Focus on hot leads with better probability of closure.

Excel Import/Export

Import, Export CRM data in excel sheets. Configure Excel headers to suit your existing excel templates.

Lead Email, SMS & Voice Communication

Email Communication

Send Automatic Email alerts to Customers, Sales Team. Configurable automatic & manual Email Communications.

SMS Communication

Send Automatic SMS alerts to Customers, Sales Team. Configurable automatic & manual SMS Communications.

Voice Communication

Enable Cloud Telephony Integration to call customers directly from CRM. The software captures all call logs & recordings.

Lead Activities Planning, Tracking & Reporting

Sales, Calls & Visits Tracking

Plan Sales follow up calls, Visits. Update activity updates & generate automatic sales reports.

Activities & Reminders

Sales team will get email & SMS reminders for the planned activities 30 minutes before the due date time.

Daily, Weekly Activity Planner

Use activity planner with daily, weekly calendar for planning sales activities to your sales team.

Daily Sales Reports

Get your sales team daily visit reports in email. View the sales team GPS locations visits in map.

Sales Team Productivity Reports

Daily, Weekly calls/visit count. Reports on leads, opportunities, orders and sales team performance.

Lead Activities Tracking

View the lead history with sales team's calls/visits against the lead along with timestamp.

Lead Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Marketing Channel Performance

Source wise lead count along with status. Filter data based on dates, source, status, etc.

User Wise Lead Status

User wise lead count along with status. Filter data based on dates, source, status, etc.

Lead Ageing Reports

Leads that are not updated for the last 3 days & beyond are shown with ageing details.

Lead Escalation Reports

Leads are assigned to user, but the user has not called or created any activity on the lead for the last 3 days.

Lead Activities Reports

Sales team's calls, visits against a particular lead along with status, date & time.

Sales Funnel Reports

Sales Funnel report based on lead status. The sales funnel shows the details of sales conversion ratio.

Lead Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Lead Capture

Capture Leads Automatically From Various Sources

Lead Assignment

Assign, Track & Manage Sales Leads with Activities


Manage Opportunities & Sales Pipeline with Stages

Task Planner

Plan Activities to Team with Email/SMS reminders

Mobile CRM App

Complete Mobile CRM that works even when Offline.


Integrates with other leading software systems.

Email, SMS Alerts

Send automatic & Manual Email/SMS communications


Customize forms, fields, reports to suit your business.


Business Intelligence Reports & Customized Reports.

Convert leads to loyal customers

With Aadyainfotechs, Lead Management services you can manage a sheer number of leads.
Use Aadyainfotechs’s lead management system CRM to automate lead generation from multiple sources like websites, chats, social media, and trade shows. Get benefits of lead management systems at Hyderabad’s best Lead Management System Development Company, and increase in purchases because of nurtured leads. Generate leads from multiple sources:

Web forms
Trade show leads
Live Chat
Social media

With our lead management system software, you can capture leads from your landing pages and other content management systems with ease.
Converting qualified leads into paying customers is the main agenda. To accomplish this, we need leads.
We understand the significance of an effective lead management process which is very crucial to achieving our goals.
Implementing and working in this way of approach, is the first step in organizing your buyers’ journey and aligning the efforts of sales with marketing. This enables both the teams with clarity and transparency into what each is doing, align workflows and unite them to work toward a common revenue goal.

Our Lead management process flow involves:

1. Starting With the Right Technology

Marketing automation software is the most efficient and powerful system for implementing lead management.
We understand our clients’ needs from a functionality standpoint as well as a service standpoint. We also evaluate day to day progress and scale our marketing in the future to drive growth. This will help us choose a long term partner rather than just a short-term provider.

2. Working Closely With Sales

Marketing and sales are two such important skills which should not be run separately from each other.
Both should be merged around a common strategy. We start by meeting to identify key touchpoints during the customer journey. We work with them to amplify your lead scoring models to measure engagement. Understand how they sell and make sure your process reflects a combined sales and marketing strategy.

3. Implementing Lead Nurture and Remarket Campaigns

Lead management services including Lead nurture campaigns will help warm leads. Lead scoring will help you identify when they are most likely ready to buy. This can help in handling the lead qualification process. At times not all the leads that we nurture, qualify and push to sales will convert to a customer at the first human touch. That is where remarket nurtures becomes a hero. We make sure that our marketing automation technology allows our sales team to push leads back to marketing for further nurturing if they are not ready yet. This type of remarketing strategy will ensure you don’t lose potential customers just because they are not at the end of their buyer’s journey.

4. Progress Tracking

The right marketing techniques and technology will allow you to track your buyers’ journey so you can modify your engagements with them. It will also help you recognize what kind of engagements add value and which ones decrease from the process. This useful insight should guide your refinement so you can maximize effectiveness over both sales and marketing disciplines. Lead management can get extremely complicated without the proper structure and organization, so make sure you take the time to choose the right Lead Management System Development Company in Hyderabad.

With our lead management system software drive, more quality leads to closure including:
Distribute leads
Engage with leads
Rank your leads
Convert leads

Predefined workflow rules allow you to assign leads to sales reps based on location, product or niche.

Our online lead management will let you automate your marketing efforts

Create personalized email campaigns

Keep track on How have your campaigns performed? How many possibilities have responded well to a specific campaign or promotion? All these details are available right inside our Customer Management Software system. You can custom your sales calls accordingly.

Measure the ROI of your Google Ads investment

Our Lead management system CRM combines sales data with Google Ads spending so you can surmise which ads help you convert leads to customers. Spend your money where it counts and get a higher return on your investment by targeting advertisements toward your most profitable campaigns. Connect with our Lead management services

Experience the potential of AI-based lead management

With Lead Enrichment
Lead-to-deal prediction
Best time to contact
How often has your data been incorrect, out-of-date, or just incomplete?

Our lead management system software helps you collect information on old and new leads, and contacts and accounts. Our lead management system software also performs periodic checks and keeps your data up to date with your customers’ demographics, phone numbers, and social media accounts.

Detailed analytics for end-to-end pipeline tracking

Analyze every sales activity, track the figures at every stage of your sales pipeline, and manage the complete lead journey with efficiency and ease. Create funnels for those required metrics and know when there is a notable drop or rise in your sales pipeline. With these funnels, you can easily see your conversion rates and identify where the potentials churn the most and measure the overall efficiency of your sales process.