Developing asynchronous web applications for enhanced interactivity, speed and usability.

AJAX is a programming technique used to create interactive, fast-loading, dynamic web applications. AJAX applications are built on an underlying architecture that uses XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML and CSS are used to manage web content and presentation, while JavaScript is used to display dynamic content.

AJAX calls are asynchronous calls to the webserver that result in dynamic content. AJAX refreshes the page without causing a page transition, which enables it to display the latest information on the page. In a nutshell, AJAX is a great tool for creating extremely dynamic pages.

Superior Speed and Performance : The best part about using AJAX technology is that it allows to update a web page without reloading/refreshing the complete page.
Request for Data from Server : AJAX technology uses XML, JSON, CSS, JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest Objects to request or fetch for data from server.
Browser and Platform Independent : AJAX technology uses browser independent script to write codes or program websites. This makes the website browser and platform independent.
Facilitate Development : AJAX facilitates development with Rich Internet Application, Rapid Application, Component-based GUI Development and Drag & Drop UI.

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