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Deployment Automation Support
Deployment Automation Support

There are a number of tools and support available for automating server-side tasks. Server-side automation includes deployment support, backup and recovery, and automatic software updates. Aadyainfotechs provides support for all of these deployments using some of the most popular technologies, such as Ansible, Python scripting, and shell scripting.


Ansible is a free, opensource tool used for automating the orchestration of large deployments. It helps us execute commands and scripts in a desired fashion, reducing the chance for human error and downtime.


Industry is moving towards automation to speed up the process. Python is a scripting language that is perfect for automation. It is an interpreted language that makes development quick and easy. Python also has a rich set of modules that makes the development process faster and more efficient. Our development team at Aadyainfotechs is already experienced in developing software using Python.