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Refund Policy:

Payments done on aadyainfotechs.com are considered final and binding and subjected to requests of refund rest on specific conditions. The reimbursement requests are only processed upon after adequate proof backing a claim is produced to us.

For more knowledge on terms and conditions related to cancellations and refunds, refer to the conditions below.

Cancellation Policy:

According to our policy list, a customer is entitled to claim refund only on two conditions.

  1. A cancellation request has to be made within 3 hours from the time of the completion of transaction we will refund 2 working days . Any application submitted after will not be considered valid.
  2. Our concerned team will proceed with the cancellation of orders and refund requests only after receiving final approval from the authority of aadyainfotechs.com

Students should be aware that the cancellation or refund claims will not be entertained if the order precipitates same-day delivery. 

Refund Conditions:

There are two situations under which the authority will process the refund policy without any delay.

  1. Improper delivery of services.
  2. Services are not delivered within the stipulated time.

Allowed Refund Policy:

In case the services are not offered within the determined date and time.