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Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Management

We provide all that is needed to be successful on social media channels


  • Custom content calendar – We plan ahead and create content well in advance, get it approved by the clients and schedule it as per the defined calendar.
  • Creative communication – Content has no meaning unless supported by enticing visuals. Our creative gurus up the ante by enhancing content through visuals.
  • Publishing to social channels – The publishing team pushes the content on all the popular channels plus bookmarks the content across the web for higher visibility.
  • Community management – We track the conversations and respond to them as appropriate, inform clients if any negative sentiment is tracked.
  • Reporting & Insights – A monthly report is shared with the clients, summarizing the key takeaways/highlights resulting from the campaigns.

Social Media Strategy Consulting

We’ll be your guide & help build a strategy that’s best for your brand


  • Audits & competitive analysis
  • Social media best practices
  • Contest & promotions
  • influencer identification & outreach