Custom Application Development

Aadyainfotechs builds primarily on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python). Much of our expertise also extends into Java/J2EE development governed by strict adherence to an open standards-based approach that ensures maximal extensibility for all of our custom application solutions. We also take cares to maximize accessibility by tapping into the very latest in HTML5 and CSS3 best practices alongside cutting-edge responsive design techniques, to facilitate the creation of platform agnostic, feature-rich applications designed to anticipate and respond to the rapidly evolving demands of today’s social mobile professional.

The development of the product requires the involvement of various other departments like engineering, marketing, research & development, and general management. The process of establishing a completely new program demands repetitive analysis as the possibility of errors is very high. There are diversified applications of the tailor-made software in the large-scale industries.
Those applications are:

=> Inventory management

=> Content management

=> Human resource management

=> Customer management
Content Management

Primarily leverage the WordPress open source platform, our content management solutions leverage Google’s powerful enterprise Cloud Platform to offer publishers extensible, adaptable tools for centralizing the publication and distribution of all types of content, across all devices and operating systems.

Company portals and and intranets differ from traditional Websites in that, instead of providing access to everything to everyone, when optimized, they provide valuable mechanisms for targeting content directly to the end-user rather than relying on users to identity relevant content on their own.